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Endorsements from lawyers

Gavin Tyler

Managing Partner at LLP

“I used Robin to help me formulate strategies for managing senior professionals in the legal sector. He helped me enormously and I do not hesitate in recommending him.”

Christina Blacklaws

President of the Law Society of England and Wales

“Robin is a great coach. He’s insightful, funny and kind and makes it his business to help other people. I have no hesitation in recommending him to all.”

Stephanie Boyce

Deputy Vice President of the Law Society of England and Wales

“Robin gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach. Robin has a unique ability to recognise, understand, and explain complex business relationships which has changed my way of thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Robin exudes so much energy, positivity and encouragement. I have gone on to recommend Robin to colleagues. I can't thank Robin enough for the contribution that he has made to my personal and professional development.”

Dean Drew

Partner at Irwin Mitchell LLP

“Robin has a clear, straightforward and clever process that quickly enables you to gain an understanding of how you are perceived by others and to understand the different ways others are trying to communicate with you. Robin will help you to identify different personality types and what motivates them. Once you understand this, it enables you to communicate more effectively and get more from your dealings with others.

I have no hesitation in personally recommending Robin to anyone in a senior decision making role who is aiming to improve the effectiveness of their communication at all levels. I found Robin's guidance tremendously helpful.”

Sally Furby Sally Firby

Partner at Cripps LLP

“Robin has achieved a fantastic result. He was completely focused on the outcome and never had a moments doubt that we would be successful. His energy and courage of conviction won the day. He is highly personable and has a great talent at turning a weakness into a strength. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Mike Scott

Managing, Head of Real Estate, Cripps LLP

"Robin is an excellent communicator. He structures his programmes very well and, having identified key objectives at the outset, he ensures that they are achieved by the end of the programme."

Glenn Miller

Partner at Cripps

“I cannot recommend Robin's work highly enough. I have taken on board invaluable leadership techniques and life skills which Robin laboriously tailored around my existing skillset and personality. Thank you for all of your help Robin. Challenging, but amazingly rewarding.”

Jason Towell

Partner at Cripps LLP

"Robin is skillful in assisting you in establishing the objectives you want to achieve and then providing clear advice to assist you in achieving those objectives."

Peter Scott

Partner at Cripps LLP

“Robin is a personable mentor to members of senior management with a detailed knowledge of his subject and entirely discrete. He adds value and makes a difference to the lives of those he mentors.”

Stanley Harris OBE

Managing Partner at Lyndales LLP

“The ability to have someone as knowledgeable and as entertaining as Robin who is also so focused on the bottom line to bounce vital partnership decisions off of and to act out scenarios with those who you work with proved to be invaluable.”

A female lawyer

Head of Department

“I am clearer about my destination. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity of working with Robin and feel so much better equipped to deal with known and unknown challenges.”


Client satisfaction at 94.6%